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The Artistry

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Thank you for your interest in the works of Bill Secunda.  You have truly entered into a world like no other.  Bill¡¯s unique, original sculptures bring delight to all who see them.  His rare gift and unusual medium arouse curiosity everywhere his works are seen.    

The sculptures are made from ferris and non-ferris metals, nails, tubing, and steel.    Bill has found the delicate balance between cold, hard metal, nails and nature.  His pieces come to life as he hand forms these materials into sculptures of Gorillas, Bears, Ants, Spiders, Creatures, and more importantly, Jesus on the Cross.  Bill uses his gift to give each piece its own individual purpose, whether serious and thought provoking or just plain fun.   

It is always a surprise when you happen upon a Bill Secunda sculpture. They can be seen in museums, zoos, racetracks, a senators office, as garden art, or wandering across someone¡¯s back yard, the possibilities are endless. 

 Give Bill a call or send an e-mail,  It would be his pleasure to speak with you.

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