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a  selection  of  his  intallations...

"Dancing With Lions"
Installed at The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens
Palm Desert, CA



Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum
Williamsburg, Va




   800 lb. gorilla sculpture made from welded nails


Recently Purchased by Ripley's Believe it or Not
for their International Museums:
Moose on it's way to the London Museum
Bison on it's way to the India Museum





Saint Louis Zoo
Saint Louis, MO




 14' Centarus Beetle sculpture

  A series of 20 ants climbing the wall



Barber Motorsports Park
Birmingham, AL   



10' "rockman" made from steel plate

A 35' spider sculpture


2  ostriches made from steel

Three 18' ant sculptures 


Two 10' dragonfly sculptures

Two spider sculptures
___________________________________________ _


Downtown Aspen, Colorado

8' bear made from nails









 Several insect sculptures on motorcycle


The Cleveland Metropark Zoo
Cleveland, OH





Butterfly sculpture-garden art



Lazy Dog Cafe
 Kansas City Zoo    
 ABC Pest Control, Dallas, TX    

Marmon Keystone Headquarters

Florida Gulf Coast University    
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