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           Life size wolverine        Tin Man
           Life-size Ram made from welded cut nails Back view
 Gorilla made from 30,000 individually welded cut nails  
              Lion sculpture made from nails              Lion and lamb               sculpture made from nails
                Life-size Wild Arabian Stallion        Bull Made from 3/8" steel plate

Life-size Moose made frow welded nails

       11' Horse made from welded nails


Polar Bear made from welded nails 



10' Bear made of welded nails


Moose sculpture made from 95,000 welded nails


"Daisy"  11' tall   1,200 lb   whimsical creature made from steel 


A life size Bison sculpture made from welded nails.


Nail Sculptures- Three bear sculptures made from steel nails


10' stainless steel tarpon sculpture  


 A 2,500 lb. Mammoth Sculpture







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